With a constantly evolving product range, Tesuco often looks for ways to introduce new products to the industry.
One of these ways is to exhibit in various trade shows around the country.
Tesuco regularly exhibits at AMW, Australian Manufacturing Week and ARBS.

In addition to the main national trade shows, Tesuco displays a selection of our equipment at our Distributors Trade Days around the country when requested.
We hope to see you all soon at one of these trade shows


Over many years, Tesuco has built and delivered a number of standard and customised seminars to their customers. These seminars are designed to share the wealth of knowledge that the team at Tesuco have learned through their extensive experience and training.


To ensure the safety of a gas supply system, it is imperative that the individual components of that system are performing to the manufacturer's requirements. Whilst many of the products sold by Tesuco are manufactured overseas, their servicing team has been extensively trained to be able to conduct the vast majority of servicing tasks at their head office in Sydney.


It is of utmost importance to ensure that flashback arrestors maintain their functionality in accordance with the minimum standards specified by the manufacturer, IBEDA of Germany. The failure to do so may result in the very problems that these arrestors are designed to prevent, such as backflow of gas to upstream equipment or the occurrence of a flashback, which may be caused by an arrestor that does not allow adequate through flow. Therefore, in compliance with AS 4603, flashback arrestors in service must be tested every 12 months using a FBA testing machine that has been approved by the manufacturer for this purpose. The IBEDA testing machine has been specifically designed to test reverse flow, through flow, and the activation of the pressure-sensitive cut-off valve, which is available in resettable arrestors. Please note that only the flashback arrestor models listed on the instruction sheet can be tested on the IBEDA testing machine, and it is advisable to contact Tesuco® before testing other brands, as not all flashback arrestors sold in Australia have undergone independent testing or production flame and leak testing. Additionally, AS 4839 mandates that all flashback arrestors must be replaced within five years of their use, as recommended by the manufacturer and as indicated in the guidance table 1.