Tuesday, April 23, 2024

SMS Alarm Unit

Tesuco introduces a new way to monitor your gas supply systems with the new WSGL09. This unit has a capability to handle dry contact signals from up to eight different zones. Each signal will trigger the device to send a programmed SMS text message to up to five pre-programmed mobile phone numbers. A different message can be set for each of the eight alarm channels.
The unit is supplied with an external antenna which can be mounted up to 3m from the control box.

The unit can be powered by a standard alarm battery, a 12v plug pack or a secondary supply circuit. The customer needs to supply an active SIM card and once the active SIM card is inserted and power is applied, the destination phone numbers and text messages can be programmed using the available app. The unit has a built in low battery alarm capability to send an additional signal if the power voltage falls too low.

SMS Alarm Unit

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