Wednesday, June 17, 2020

PRODUCT LAUNCH - High Pressure & Leak Test Kit


High Pressure Test and Leak Detection Kit Complete

Air conditioning systems in domestic, commercial and automotive areas, need to be pressure tested, proof tested and if a leak occurs, need to find and secure the leak.

Traditionally this is done by using a dye, nitrogen, leak detection sprays or using a refrigerant detector.

This can be a problem if the leak is in a difficult to access location or covered in insulation.

Now there is a better way. Save time and money when pressure or leak testing air conditioning.  On installation the unit can be filled with the disposable cylinder of LeakXpose (95% nitrogen & 5% Hydrogen). This is an inert mixture and can be used up to pressures of 6,000kPa using the specially designed high pressure regulator in the kit.

The leak test gauge will show any pressure drop, indicating a leak.

Should this occur, the existing gas mixture in the unit can be used to find the leak using the electronic leak detector without changing the gas.

Ideal for portable testing of automotive Systems and systems on roofs or difficult to get at locations where using large cylinders is difficult. One small case is now the total solution.




1. Disposable 2.2L cylinder 95% nitrogen & 5% Hydrogen mixture. (GTNIHY2)
2. 6,000kPa mini regulator for disposable cylinders. (RI1SNI60M10)
3. Leak Test Gauge with refrigerant pressure settings. (OTRGHV)
4. Electronic Leak Detector. (OTKK007) Detects Hydrocarbons and refrigerant gases for leakages less than 5 ppm.

Mark Stadtmiller


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