Wednesday, August 19, 2020

PRODUCT LAUNCH - Sparki Hands Free Igniter

Hand's free solution for lighting oxy/fuel cutting and welding equipment

The flint lighter is an essential tool for any tradesman using oxygen / Acetylene and oxygen / LPG equipment. The problem is, it's never there when you need it and you have to try and juggle the torch in one hand, while trying to adjust the control knob and using the flint lighter in the other hand. You then have to put the flint lighter down to adjust the oxygen to get the right flame.

Now there is an alternative for the serious tradesman.

Sparki is a compact, robust, unique piezo igniter that has three types of bases which attach to various work surfaces. This allows you to use both hands to light and adjust the tip for the perfect flame.

Simply attach to the work bench or anywhere that is metal on the work site, turn on the fuel gas then push the tip into the igniter to light the flame and then adjust the oxygen at the same time without the need to hold the lighter.

Sparki comes in two sizes of magnetic base (30 & 50mm) and a 100mm steel base for permanent fixing to the bench.

Sparki with the magnet base allows you to take it anywhere and attach close to where you are working, for hands free lighting and operation of your equipment. Easily fits into overall pockets.

Sparki with the steel base can be permanently fixed to your work bench so that you never have to look for that spark lighter ever again.

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Mark Stadtmiller


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