Friday, March 16, 2012

NEW BLOG - Tesuco Launches New Website

Tesuco is excited to launch their new website. After much feedback from various sources, we have partnered with website developers, Intelligent Developments, to create a fresh way of showcasing our products and services. In an ever changing industry and with a quickly expanding product range, we needed a way to have more control over the content of the site and to easily adjust to changes in the market. Our solution is the website you see before you.

The website is designed to provide our visitors with simple part number and product information, as well as the ability to delve deeper into full product specifications and marketing material. Further to that, we are confident that our blogs will provide a forum for our customers to interact with our team and to give us important feedback for us to be able to constantly evolve in line with our customers' needs.

As a consequence of the continual improvements to products and additions to the range of products we have available, the upkeep of a website is an ongoing process. We welcome your feedback on the website content and if there are any additions or changes that you would like to see, please contact us with your suggestions.

We hope you enjoy using our new website and keeping up with the latest news and products Tesuco has to offer!

Jonathan Sage


Mark Luther

17/05/2012 07:10:33 AM

would like to know more about oxyturbo set 200 availabilty and where to purchase around south east queensland

Jonathan Sage (Tesuco)

17/05/2012 08:59:07 AM

Hi Mark. Thanks for your enquiry regarding the OxyTurbo Set 200. I will get one of our sales team to contact you about the location of our distributors near you who supply both the kit and the cylinders.

Sid Prendergast

26/07/2012 09:43:04 AM

Hi, I require an Oxy gauge for a Oxyturbo 200. Please advise of availability and price. N. B. I have also sent this message on your old web site. I am not sure if is working. Regards Sid Prendergast

Jonathan Sage (Tesuco)

26/07/2012 09:49:24 AM

Hi Sid. Thanks for your enquiry. I will get one of our sales team to contact you at their earliest convenience.

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