Thursday, April 18, 2013

PRODUCT LAUNCH - New Semi-Automatic Changeover Manifold to AS4839

Tesuco has just released a new high pressure semi-automatic changeover manifold. It meets all the requirements of AS4839 and AS4706. This manifold is specially designed to provide a continuous supply of gas, automatically changing from an empty bank to a full one, thus avoiding interruption of gas supply to the pipeline and downstream equipment.


The semi-automatic changeover manifold is made up of chrome plated brass regulators with stainless steel diaphragms to provide longer life. All the components are mounted on a single powder coated steel bracket for easy fitting. It also features  non-return valves on each side, as well as high pressure isolation valves with special windows to clearly indicate OPEN (in green) and CLOSED (in red), allowing the user to see the supply status without turning the valves. Moreover, all the pressure gauges indicate both kPa and psi.

The manifold has a maximum inlet pressure of 20,000 kPa. Inlet connections are 3/8" BSP (right hand or left hand, depending on the gas type) to suit the Tesuco connection leads and most other leads in the industry. Outlet connection is ¼" NPT Female.  It is designed to have maximum flow rate of 120 m3/h @ 450 kPa.

Tesuco also offers a range of products in order to complete the semi-automatic manifold assembly such as, high pressure connection leads (meets all requirements of AS2473), safety relief valve systems and flashback arrestors (for oxygen and fuel gases).  All Tesuco safety relief valves comply with AS1271-3 and have been specially designed to meet all the flow requirements. An optional gas alarm system is available to indicate when the gas supply is low.

Please follow the link from the list below to the appropriate location on our website for further information.

Semi-Automatic Manifold Panels

High Pressure Connection Leads

Safety Relief Valve Systems

Gas Alarm System


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