Monday, August 5, 2013

NEW BLOG - Flashback Arrestor Testing Machine

Did you know that all flashback arrestors in service are required to be tested at a minimum interval of 12 months*?  This is to ensure that they are still working within the manufacturer's design parameters required to give you maximum safety.


The Ibeda flashback arrestor testing machine is purposely built to test flashback arrestors for through flow, reverse flow and additionally, to test the cut-off feature on resettable flashback arrestor models.

The design of this machine allows quick testing of all flashback arrestors, regardless of the thread sizes. You only need to supply (oil free) inert gas and have water available to fill the reverse flow tube and you are set to go. No electricity is needed.

Not all flashback arrestor products can be tested on this testing machine!

While some flashback arrestors state that they meet AS4603, this is not always the case, so it is important that you do your homework.  One key point is to determine whether the products have been tested by an independent qualified third party and a copy of the certificate is available from the supplier. Product labelling, instruction sheets, flow rates and values must also be checked and approved before these items can be listed for testing on the Ibeda Testing Machine. Currently, no products made in the UK, Taiwan or China have been approved for testing on the Ibeda manufactured testing machine.

TeSuCo (the Ibeda agent in Australia since 1988) and Ibeda in Germany have worked together to provide the latest in design and up to date information. The Ibeda website is a great resource for instructional videos and product information. Visit them at:

The Ibeda flashback arrestor range is still the only range currently on the Australian market which has been product certified to AS4603.  This certification has been conducted by BAM, The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, located in Berlin, Germany.

* Australian Standard AS4603 (Section 3.3) and AS4839 (Guidance Table 1)

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