Monday, August 19, 2013

PRODUCT LAUNCH - New 180 Degree (Straight) Cutting Attachment

Have you ever needed a 180o (straight) cutting attachment to get into those hard to reach places but were unable to find one off the shelf and at a reasonable price?

Straight cutting heads are extremely useful when you need to do an awkward job in a tight space, such as cutting out or extending a bolt hole or cutting off a bolt head.


Tesuco now have stock of our new 180o (straight) cutting attachment.  It attaches to our standard blowpipe and can be used with type 41 and type 44 cutting nozzles.  Made to the same high quality and with the same features as our standard cutting attachment, they are available at a price that won't break the budget. This means that everyone can afford to add this valuable tool to their collection of cutting equipment.

Contact us or your nearest Tesuco stockist for further information.

Wayne Molloy


Scott Imrie

16/02/2016 05:19:57 PM

Hi I'm just wondering a price and where I can purchase a 180 Degree cutting attachment thanks in advance

TESUCO - Jonathan Sage

17/02/2016 07:44:32 AM

Thanks for your comment Scott. I've passed your details on to the sales team, who will be in contact shortly.

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