Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT - Portable Brazing Hand Torch

Portable brazing and heating torches are an essential item for plumbers and service industry technicians. The improved Tesuco Hand Brazing Torch comes with a new ergonomic plastic handgrip handle design, a stainless steel barrel, replaceable brass tip and a collection of additional features.

The CGA600 inlet was designed for consistency and is therefore a suitable connection for all Propane and MAPP type gases. The trigger locking button keeps the torch lit for finger free use, allowing for extended flame periods. Our Piezo ignition trigger utilises the unique piezoelectricity pressure formula creating a reliable ignition every time.


IMAGE 1: GBTP - Portable Brazing Hand Torch

Utilising the 360° swivel tip allows for access to difficult positions while the control valve adjusts the high intensity swirl flame. The size 4, swirl flame tip, provides a stable flame in the wind, delivers better combustion and an expanded heat zone. Utilising the MAP//ProTM gas the flame temperature can reach up to approximately 1450°C.

With Tesuco's commitment to quality and reliability, the limited warranty on our improved lightweight Portable Brazing Hand Torch has been extended to 3 years, ensuring a long product lifespan and unrivalled value.

For a full product brochure, with product specifications, please follow this link.

Kathia Gonzalez Parra


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