Monday, November 30, 2015

PRODUCT LAUNCH - Multi Function Cable Strippers

Tesuco are proud to unveil our newest innovation the Multi Function Cable Stripper. Manufactured in Germany and safety tested by TUV NORD, this glass fibre reinforced polyamide cable stripper provides a reliable and simple way of stripping cable.



IMAGE: TWSM01 Multi Function Cable Stripper


Compact in size and lightweight for portability The Multi Function Cable Stripper allows all common round cables of between 4 and 28 millimetres in diameter to be stripped accurately, quickly and safely.  The blade, which is replaceable, is integrated into the casing and therefore allows automatic conversion from circular to longitudinal cutting.

The adjustable Finger wheel located on the side of the product allows for precision cable cutting depth to avoid damage to the inner conductors.  While the front delivers efficient external sheath stripping, the back end of the cable stripper has an internal wire insulation stripping function.

This allows all common flexible and solid conductors with a cross section of between 0.5 and 6.0 mm2 to be stripped efficiently. All blades are made from a special high tensile sharpened steel ensuring durability and extremely long life.

For a full product brochure, with product specifications, please follow this link.

Kathia Gonzalez Parra


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