Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PRODUCT LAUNCH - R410A Air Conditioning System

R410A Refrigerant is used in small and medium commercial air conditioning systems. When working on these systems, high nitrogen pressures are needed to conduct leak and strength tests. Not all nitrogen regulators available can deliver the required pressures.

A leak test is required to be done at 3300 kPa, which is the operating or working pressure and a strength test should be carried out at 1.3 times this, at a nitrogen pressure of 4300 kPa. It is clear from these pressures that a nitrogen regulator must be used that can effectively deliver a pressure of 4,300 kPa to conduct the strength test. This is causing some frustration for the HVAC industry which previously has only been required to test other refrigerant systems at much lower pressures and consequrently have nitrogen regulators that cannot deliver these high pressures.



No regulator operates effectively at the upper limit of the pressure range, this means that you would need a regulator with an outlet pressure of between 4,000 and 5,500 kPa to conduct both the leak and strength test.

Main image.png

IMAGE 2: Above- RI1SNI60 and Below -R410A

The Tesuco/Oxy Turbo high outlet pressure nitrogen regulator has this range covered. With a maximum outlet pressure of 6000 kPa, both the required pressures are well in the effective operating range. It has a high flow rate of 150m3/hour, has a robust construction, large easy to read pressure gauges, gauge protectors, a 1/4 SAE flare male outlet, and shortly will include a 5/16 SAE flare adaptor.

Mark Stadtmiller


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